4 Tips for Selling Your Home During the Winter

The weather may be frightful, but these quick tips for selling your home during the winter months sure are delightful.

It’s a commonly-held belief that the winter months aren’t an ideal time to put your home on the market. While it’s true that statistically, spring and summer do enjoy more brisk sales, there’s no iron-clad rule saying it can’t be done. After all, we’re not always anticipating some of the life events that can lead to a move. If you find yourself packing up instead of decking the halls during this time of the year, breathe easy. These tips for selling your home during the winter can go a long way in making the transition quicker and smoother.

Be festive, but don’t overdo it

Regardless of what season it is, it’s important to make your home as appealing as possible to would-be buyers. In fall and winter months, this means resisting the urge to string fake cobwebs and plastic spiders from every inch of your front porch during Halloween and pulling the plug on those life-sized Christmas inflatables. Definitely spread some holiday cheer, but keep in mind your potential buyers want to envision themselves living there, not distracted by your sense of style.

Place a priority on comfort

As temperatures drop and the less-than-sunny weather starts to roll in, keep in mind that potential buyers will want to take some refuge from the outside elements. Whether it’s a small fire in the fireplace, refreshments or soft, seasonal music playing the background, their comfort should be a priority. Good lighting is critical too, as nighttime starts a little earlier in the fall and winter.

Appealing photos are a must

This goes without saying year-round, but it’s extremely important to include appealing photos during the cold, dreary months with your listing. Your potential buyers realize you can’t control the weather, but photos with full trees and blooming flowers will go much further than ones with leafless trees and brown hedges. If don’t have spring and summer pictures of your home, consider plants and shrubs that are more cold-tolerant, like Christmas Rose or Winterberry to maximize curb appeal.

Don’t overprice your home

The temptation is there; you want to see if you can squeeze out just a few extra thousand dollars on the sale of your home. However, if you’re selling your home during the winter months, it’s important to price it right the from the start. Priced correctly, your home could sell quickly. If it’s not, you may give the impression you’re not serious about selling or that you’re over-eager to negotiate. Keep in mind, foot traffic will be less frequent, so you need to take every opportunity to secure a sale. Added bonus: If your home is priced fairly, you could even spark a bidding war.

Of course, there are many variables that impact how quickly your home will sell. Even though the market may slow during the fall and winter, some strategic thinking can set you up for success. A trusted realtor may be your best option for securing a sale, as they’ll be familiar with housing and neighborhood trends, what features buyers are looking for most in a home and are able to navigate the choppy waters of negotiating and sealing the deal.

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