Trending Now in Home Design

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Lifestyle and design trends drive the real estate market for what homebuyers are looking for in a home, now and in the years to come.

During the real estate boom years, home-building trends featured tech-intense media rooms and wine cellars. Post recession design dollars are being directed toward more useful rooms such as master baths, large kitchens, mudrooms and outdoor spaces.

Even people with large budgets are speeding in a more focused way, choosing homes with practical features like tankless water heaters, ramps and elevators, water saving features and first floor master bedrooms.

Below is a list of what is trending today in single-family homes. Does your home fit in?

•  Smaller homes – The McMasion era is over and a large number of architects have reported a demand for smaller homes using scale and function as key components.

•  Private Outdoor Spaces – Homeowners want less maintenance and a more intimate outdoor space to entertain.

•  Indoor-Outdoor Connectivity – Using floor to ceiling windows and doors to bring the outside into the home, offering more light and outdoor access.

•  Covered Outdoor Rooms – Rooms that expand the adjoining interior space, usually with a fireplace to complete the living room feel.

•  Personalization – Consumers are looking to find and purchase elements that reflect their personal tastes, from the kitchen to the bath.

•  Grand Scale Kitchens – Not for just food prep, kitchens now serve as entertainment and conversation areas.

•  Larger Garages – Garages have become multi-use areas, from teen band practice to impromptu exercise rooms.

• Home Office – Trending from a preference to a need, the best location is close to the home center.

• Dogs – Homes are for humans, but 37% of all households have dogs. Pet lovers crave the practical convenience of pet doors and invisible fences.

Posted: December 3, 2013