Tips to Get the Most Out of the Cooler Weather


The temperatures are dropping and it’s time for cool weather fun. Here are a few ideas for enjoying the season both indoors and out.

Outdoor Adventure

Bundle up and get outdoors, whether close to home or a drive away. From cross country skiing to skating and hiking, there’s no reason to wait until next spring to enjoy Mother Nature. Some of the most exhilarating outdoor activities can only take place at this time of year.

Just be sure your family is prepared for any outdoor conditions. Check weather reports ahead of time and be sure to layer up. Remember, that it’s possible to get dehydrated even in cooler temperatures, so pack water and sports drinks in an insulated container that won’t freeze the contents. Likewise, winter rays can be strong, so wear sunglasses and sunscreen, and pack lip balm with UV protection.

Look for tech gear designed for outdoor sports, such as the WSD-F10 Smart Outdoor Watch powered by Android Wear, which features a wide array of tools, including direction, altitude, and atmospheric pressure measurement capabilities, as well as sunrise and sunset time displays, tide graphs and activity graphs. The watch also lets you stay connected on the go, with email alerts, weather, maps, voice search and more, and is available online on Google Store, Amazon and in retail stores nationwide.

Indoor Fun

Staying indoors? There’s no need to go stir crazy. There’s plenty of fun to be had at home, so put on some slippers and stay awhile.

If you have a fireplace — get it cranking. It’s time to make s’mores. Then, find fun activities that bring the family together, such as a movie marathon or arts and crafts.

The musically inclined can have a family sing-along. You may not have the space for an authentic grand piano in your home, but you don’t necessarily need one. New technology, such as the Casio CGP-700 digital piano, features an 88-note scaled hammer action keyboard with replicated ebony and ivory keys, allowing for an authentic grand piano feel. Its interface enables seasoned musicians and beginners alike to choose tones, select rhythms, split and layer sounds, and more. Additionally, the CGP-700 has 550 built-in tones to choose from, including guitar, bass, strings, brass and organ.

On that note, consider throwing a family talent show. From singing and playing piano, to telling knock knock jokes, set the stage for performers and make it feel like a real theater by hanging a curtain behind them.

With the right mindset, and a few supplies, winter fun can be had anywhere, from the comfort of your living room to the top of a mountain. (Statepoint)

Photo Source: (c) Lennox

Posted: November 7, 2016