Springtime in Tellico Village: Tips for Upping Your Curb Appeal This Season

Woman gardening in yard

We think the famous Andy Williams holiday song got it wrong. Springtime in Tellico Village may actually be the most wonderful time of the year. Think about it – trees are sprouting their bright green leaves, larkspur and irises are in full bloom and let’s not forget that the lake is beaconing boaters and swimmers to help celebrate the season.  Of course, you shouldn’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to enjoy this time. There are plenty of ways you can help your yard shake the chill of winter and turn over a new leaf. Here’s how residents all over Tellico Village can enhance their curb appeal this spring.

Power wash the driveway

This is one of those areas we often overlook and assume the cement leading up to our front door has always had that brownish-green tint to it. Power washing is so simple you don’t even need to call in a professional. Most home improvement companies, like Lowe’s and The Home Depot, rent the machines hourly at a very affordable rate. Best of all, there’s instant gratification. You may just find yourself volunteering to spray down your neighbor’s driveway. Maybe.

Look out for number one

… Or whatever combination of digits your address claims. All around Tellico Village residents proudly display their home numbers on their doors, front porches and mailboxes. It’s one of those visual identifiers we look for when we’re visiting someone new, but as a homeowner, we quickly forget. This spring, give them a new coat of paint or swap them out completely. Look for bold, stylized numbers that fit well with your home’s architecture.

Clean out the debris

Leaves aren’t the only thing clogging your gutters. Twigs, dirt and flaws from improper assembly can impede the flow of water as well. Gutters and downspouts are meant to control the drainage of water around your home and if they’re clogged, you could be opening yourself up to a host of other issues, like leaks and damage to your siding and foundation. A simple garden hose can go a long way in breaking lose what’s clogging your downspouts and gutter guards will help shield anything other than rain from getting in. Cleaning and replacing sagging gutters will help protect against expensive repairs and give your home a fresh look just in time for spring.

Plan for pests

A beautiful lake and plenty of woodlands are a big draw for Tellico Village residents, but we’re not the only ones who find this spot of East Tennessee desirable. Moths, spiders, wasps and other creatures love springtime too. And honestly, many of them do a lot of good by keeping other pests at bay. Take a look at your yard and think about how you can prepare for the influx of creatures by installing mesh barriers, adding plants that will deter nuisances, like lemongrass, and trim back any shrubs that could become home to their nests.

Bring in some color

What’s a springtime yard without new shrubs and flowers? Tellico Village is well known for its variety of blooming plants and now’s the time to start fresh. Passionflower (the state wildflower of Tennessee), lilies and snapdragons are great spring plants and are full of color. Ground covers, like ivy and juniper, will save some time on mulching and add more interest to your landscaping efforts. Keep in mind, you’ll want to make sure there’s no more danger of frost, or you may find yourself starting fresh a second time. You can check out all of the Knoxville-area’s native shrubs, vines, trees and ground covers here.  

Be of good cheer because this is actually the most wonderful time of the year in Tennessee. Before you know it, you’ll be spending more time outdoors than in, and thankfully, you’ll have no shortage of activities and get-togethers living in Tellico Village.

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