Six Signs You’re Meant for Lake Life

Couple sitting in chairs enjoying lake life

For some, “living the dream” means a studio apartment on the thirty-second floor of a skyscraper, right in the center of the action. There’s nothing wrong with city life, but it’s definitely not for everyone. If you’d rather commute by boat than subway, and if your ideal morning is spent sipping coffee on your screened-in porch, lake life might be calling your name. Whether you’re looking to escape the city lights or you want to retire in a picturesque location, these six signs might mean that you’re meant to live the lake life.

#1: You wake up early just to see the sunrise

Weekdays, weekends, holidays—it doesn’t matter. You’d rather catch the sunrise than have the extra hours in bed any day of the week. Do you know what makes sunrises even more spectacular? When they reflect off the rippling blue waters of the lake.

#2: Your house is never empty

Whether it’s a Fourth of July bash, nephew’s birthday party or a summertime crawfish boil, you take every chance you get to host your friends and family. If you decide to live on the lake, your house will be everyone’s favorite place to be, year-round.

#3: A bathing suit is your summer uniform

Do you spend most of your summer days soaking up the sun in a body of water? When you live on the lake, you don’t even need to put on shoes to get to the water. The only thing standing between you and the shore is a few steps through your backyard.  

#4: Your favorite meal is cooked on the grill

Who needs a five-star restaurant when you have charcoal and an open flame right in your backyard? Not you. You’d prefer to have dinner on your patio than at a stuffy restaurant, and you’re pretty sure you can cook a better steak, too.

#5: You’re an expert at water sports

While you may not excel at team sports, you can barefoot ski like no one’s business. Lake life offers unlimited access to recreational activities, and nothing beats the convenience of having your boat docked in your backyard.

#6: You prefer a slower way of life

You like to go with the flow. Your friends would call you the peacemaker. After a long day, you like to unwind on your porch with your feet up. Living on the lake comes with the tranquility that you can’t find anywhere else.

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