Selling Your Tellico Lake Property (The Hard Way)

get tips for selling your tellico lake property from lakeside real estate group

Some people like to do things the hard way. Cutting corners is for other people. And instead of opting for efficiency, they try to manage it all by themselves. Automatic transmission? Nope, they’ll take the manual. Call a handyman? Never. They’re sure they can fix the problem.

We all know this approach can backfire.

After all, service companies, technology offerings and expert consultants exist for a reason.

Think about all that goes into selling a home. And not just any home, but a luxury residence in a private, lakefront community.

There are a lot of things you could do to make selling your Tellico Lake property smoother, faster and less burdensome, but if you’re the type that would rather do it the hard way, here are three tips:

#1: Delay making the decision to sell until everything is perfect

Making the decision to sell your Tellico Lake property is a big step. Once you’ve moved past the phase of making the house a home and you’ve built some great memories there, you may feel a little apprehensive about uprooting and moving to a new location. That’s understandable.

But knowing that it’s time to move and sitting on the decision can be a misstep. Does everything really have to be perfect for you to put your Tellico Lake property on the market? If you know moving is a wise decision, the market seems favorable, your finances are in order, etc., do you really need to get bogged down with the minutiae?

#2: Try to sell your Tellico Lake property all by yourself (don’t use a real estate professional)

Putting your Tellico Lake property on the market as a “For Sale By Owner” may actually end up costing you more than you bargained for.

It may be appealing to try to save some money by selling the home without the service of a REALTOR®, but keep in mind that factors other than finances are at play. Consider the time and energy involved, your own real estate transaction knowledge, your ability to handle all of the marketing and promotion of the home, the time and communication it takes to field inquiries from interested buyers, not to mention other concerns like finding a new home, moving, etc.

There’s obviously a lot of activity required to take your Tellico Lake property from “For Sale” to “Sold.”

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some help?

Real estate professionals are uniquely qualified to assist you with all of the tasks associated with the selling process, so make sure to get help early on.

#3. Don’t prepare the home for visits from prospective buyer (i.e. don’t stage the home)

Preparation matters. Imagine visiting your favorite restaurant. You’re anticipating a delightful evening, the host brings you to your favorite table… but something’s wrong. The table’s filthy. It obviously hasn’t been cleaned and prepared for your dining experience.

That’s the effect staging can have on potential buyers.

It’s true that your Tellico Lake property is something that lots of buyers would be interested in. It’s situated in a prime retirement community with access to luxury amenities and nearby shopping, healthcare and entertainment venues.

And you think your home and property look great… in fact, you might say the right person would buy the home on the spot. But, not everyone may agree.

It may be beautifully decorated and you may have spent a lot of money on home furnishings and finishes. But, your decorating and furniture choices may not match up with those of potential buyers. In order to sell your home, you may need to temporarily give up your personal style to stage the home in a way that will appeal to a wider range of prospective buyers. Some staging items that top the list include:


-Paint choices

-Decluttering and organization


-Maintenance and repairs

If you’re unsure about how to go about staging your home, talk with a real estate professional who specializes in Tellico Lake property to get some advice.

You have a lot on your plate. We get that. At Lakeside Real Estate Group, we understand the value of having an advocate on your side in the home selling process, and we’re available to help. Let’s talk soon about how we can take some of the hassle out of selling your Tellico lake property!

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