Preparing Your Yard for Fall

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Our East Tennessee days are getting shorter, the nights are getting cooler, and the leaves are beginning to change their hue. There’s no denying it: fall is just over the horizon. Although it’s tempting to ignore the inevitable and keep living like summer will never end, your lawn needs you now more than ever.

Here is a simple 3 part plan for fall lawn care. By following these guidelines you can help your lawn combat the stresses of the upcoming months and look its best when spring arrives.


Aeration is an effective, budget-friendly way to revitalize your lawn. Following a summer full of outdoor activity, the soil on your lawn may feel hard to the touch. That is where aeration comes in. When a lawn is aerated, small cylindrical plugs of soil are removed from the lawn to improve the movement of air, water and nutrients throughout the soil. This helps compaction by providing “vents” through which your lawn can breathe, allowing the grass plant’s root system to grow deeper and stronger.  The result is a hardy lawn that is better able to withstand the stresses of winter.


See a few bare or thin patches in your once lush lawn?  Overseeding involves sowing additional seed over existing lawn grasses, which thickens up the turf and allows it to fight against damage and disease. When used in conjunction with aeration, overseeding can have noticeable results, as together they help re-build a lawn’s foundation. Overseeding should be done in the fall, while the air is cool and the soil is still warm.


The majority of lawn care experts agree that the last application of fertilizer of the year has the most impact on home lawns. This means that even if you fertilized your lawn this past spring, you should strongly consider a final feeding before winter hits. Fall fertilizers have several long lasting benefits: They have a high concentration of potassium, aiding in the cold hardiness of your lawn. They help your lawn store vital nutrients for the winter, and encourage a health root system.

The key to fall fertilization is timing. If applied too early, it can lead to winter injury. The best time to apply fall fertilizer is just before grass stops growing – in Eastern Tennessee that is usually between mid to late November.

Enjoy your outdoor space for as long as possible and remember to give  your lawn the care that it needs.

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