How Your Family Can Protect Songbirds Around Your House and Garden

Songbirds are not only beautiful, they are a vital component of the ecosystems they inhabit. If you have a garden, you may have observed this in action.

Unfortunately, millions of wild birds are killed annually colliding with windows in the U.S. alone. But your family can take action to prevent it from happening on your own property. Here’s how:

• Make windows visible to birds: Special decals that reflect ultraviolet sunlight to your home’s windows, particularly those windows that are highly reflective of open sky, have been proven to substantially reduce the likelihood of bird strikes. Those from WindowAlert feature patterns that give the appearance of slightly frosted translucent glass, but glow like a stoplight for birds, and the brand also makes a high-tech liquid called WindowAlert UV Liquid, which can be applied between decals for greater protection. More information can be found at

• Be mindful of birdfeeder placement: Birdfeeders are a lovely way to attract beautiful birds to your yard, while giving them a place to rest and refuel. Remember though, bird strikes tend to occur near bird feeders, as feeding birds are easily frightened and are apt to take wild, evasive flight. To avoid this from happening, be sure to use window decals, as well as to position feeders closer than three feet or farther than 30 feet from windows. Surprisingly, the safest placement is attached to the window itself. Assess the birdfeeders in your yard and make changes as needed.

• Consider other hazards: Other ways you can protect birds on your property include gardening organically, keeping pet cats indoors or in an enclosure and growing native plant and flower species suited to pollinating birds.

“With a few small home updates this season, your family can save the lives of wild birds and be better stewards of the environment,” says Spencer Schock, founder of WindowAlert. (StatePoint)




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Posted: October 15, 2019