Dam Bridge Traffic Flow Changes May 8

dam shot

TDOT and the contractors working on the new bridge at the Fort Loudoun Dam will implement a new traffic flow beginning on or about Thursday, May 8. These changes will improve traffic flow and enhance safety at the site. The new traffic pattern will be very similar to the original pattern before construction began.


As travelers approach the Dam via the Tellico Parkway (State Highway 444), they will see a return of the option to turn left BEFORE the overpass to go east toward Maryville via Highway 321. Trav-elers heading for Lenoir City will continue under the overpass to enter 321 heading to the west.


Travelers coming from Maryville on 321 heading to Tellico Village will still exit 321 to the right and circle under the overpass. Travelers coming from Lenoir City on 321 heading to Tellico Village will make a RIGHT hand turn to exit onto the Tellico Parkway. This right hand turn will not be an angled exit as in the past but will be a more pronounced right hand turn.


Drivers are encouraged to exercise extreme caution in the construction area not only due to unusual traffic patterns but also for the safety of the construction workers in the area. This new pattern will remain in effect for the foreseeable future.


Posted: April 29, 2014