Considering Relocation?

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Considering Relocation? Here are a few things to guide your way.

After 50, deciding on a new city to call home is best approached as an informed consumer. You are choosing a community’s offerings of a new lifestyle, which will become your new place in life.


Are you a grandparent who wants to be near your grandchildren? Aare you divorced, married, or a single ager with freedom to choose your next phase of life? Those choices offer many opportunities, as well as challenges in making your selection of a new community, both in location and in fellowship.


If relocation is your goal, there are several ways to test out your new locale; after all, you would not buy a car without test-driving it. Long and short term rentals, Air B&B rentals are just a few ways to test out a area that allows you the chance to live as a local and not a tourist.  If you have several places in mind the first place to start is with an online search.


Online Searches: Best to keep your search areas small. If you are looking in the South choose one state to explore at a time.


Both Sides of the Coin: Most cities offer great websites to showcase their city which helps you find a beautiful place to live. They don’t however post crime rates, or other weaknesses. Be sure to be diligent at looking for the other side if life in the area.


Don’t Compare Old and New: There is an old saying that comparison is the thief of joy. You know your current location inside and out. Familiarity brings ease but new places have just as much to offer. If you are constantly comparing the old with the new you will not enjoy what you have.


City Rankings: City rankings are good tools to narrow down your choices but don’t use just one. Each city ranking uses different criteria in different ways to make their evaluation. It is smart to look at as many as you can and use a chart to highlight the factors that are important to you.


Go Virtual: Really take the time to look at your city choices Google maps to get a feel for the new location. You can better see the waterways and bodies of water that are in and around a city using an aerial map. Will that lake nearby be a source of recreation or a source of mosquitoes? Online mapping puts knowledge at your fingertips. It is up to you to decide how each are fits your lifestyle.


How Do you Fit In: Never discount your emotional reaction to a new location. Your instincts and emotions are real and you should pay attention to how you feel when visiting a new area you are considering as a future home.




Posted: November 30, 2018