5 Details to Pay Attention to When Buying a Home

Couple Walking Down SidewalkWhen it comes to buying a retirement home, eager shoppers often zero in on perks like clubhouse amenities, the size and layout of the home and features they’ve long desired, like fireplaces and granite countertops. After all, you’ve worked hard for this time and your home should be a place of refuge where family and friends are always welcome. But it’s important to also consider the aspects you won’t see every day, like the neighborhood and how close you are to conveniences. Here’s our list of details you must take into consideration when buying a retirement home.

Your Neighborhood

It’s easy to fall in love with a particular property and give little regard to what’s surrounding it. You may glance over and make sure your would-be immediate neighbors are keeping up their homes, but you should also drive down the street to get a bigger picture of the neighborhood.

Are you happy with the amount of privacy you have and your proximity to the neighbors? Are you close to activities you’d enjoy participating in the most, like golf and boating? What about your proximity to conveniences like dining, healthcare and shopping?

Keep in mind, you’re not going to spend all your time indoors, so pay close attention to all of the neighborhood details.

School Zones

Even if you don’t have school-aged children, you should research the performance of nearby schools. A study by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that for every dollar increase a school spends on a student, home values rise about $20. And when it comes time to sell, you can bet that plenty of families will be clamoring to move into an exceptional school district. In this case, it really does pay to do your homework.

Age of Appliances

Appliances just aren’t one of those details many of us pay attention to when buying a home. Whatever the reason, that dated fridge somehow always gets a free pass. It’s wise, however, to know the condition of all major appliances. Not only could older ones pose a safety hazard and be pricey to repair, they could also be inefficient to run—something you probably won’t notice until you get your electric bill. You can visit the manufacturer’s website for steps on determining the appliance’s age. The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors can give you a good idea of appliance life expectancy.

Neighborhood Rules

Since retirement is not the season of life when you’ll want to uproot and move, you should take time to read all of the HOA guidelines. By now, many buyers expect certain restrictions on things like the style and color of a house within a neighborhood. And almost everyone can agree that rules about how often your grass is cut is a good thing. These restrictions are meant to keep home values up and maintain a neighborhood’s look and feel. It’s not uncommon to find restrictions on:

-Vehicles with company logos parked in your driveway

-The amount of lawn furniture allowed

-Open garage doors

-Style and height of fencing

-Noise levels

Others seem downright silly, such as too many roses planted in a yard. Do your research and make sure you understand the restrictions of the community.

Orientation of the Home

You’ve heard the old saying, “location, location, location,” but we think there’s another factor to consider—”direction, direction, direction.” If you’re considering buying a retirement home in snow-prone climates, a south or west facing driveway could help shave some valuable time shoveling snow. The sun’s heat will likely do most of the work for you.

For coastal regions near the Atlantic, an east facing porch can result in a break from heat and humidity thanks to cool sea breezes. And a west facing backyard could mean more quality time with family and friends outdoors.

Do your research but don’t hesitate to talk with an expert when it comes to understanding the details associated with a home purchase.  

Of course, if you’re considering East Tennessee and Tellico Village, your retirement years are sure to be worry-free! Contact us today and let our realty professionals share everything there is to love about the village.

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