4 Reasons Tellico Village is the Perfect Place to Retire

Adirondack chairs on a dock

When it comes to mapping out your golden years and picking a spot for retirement, you have lots of options. If you’re accustomed to the cold winter months of Chicago, you may think about soaking up the sun and heading south. For those living in hot and humid parts of the country, a cooler, more temperate mountain location may be high up on the list.

Thankfully, there’s a place where you really can have it all. Tellico Village, located in the picturesque East Tennessee foothills could very well be the perfect place to retire, and here are four reasons to prove it.


Location, Location, Location

Let’s start by taking a look at the great State of Tennessee. Its east-central location means you’re probably not far from friends and family. Major metropolitan hubs like Chicago, Atlanta and Nashville are just a few hours away by car, and a last-minute plane ride is quick and affordable. You can finally wave goodbye to those long trips across the country.


Tellico Village is an ever brighter spot when it comes to location. Situated in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, it’s surrounded by rolling hills, pristine lakes and miles of woodlands waiting to be explored. Knoxville, Tennessee’s third largest city, is just a 45-minute drive and is home to the University of Tennessee, fine dining restaurants, museums, art exhibits and live music venues. Tellico Village perfectly toes the line between “away from it all,” and “oh so close.”


Perks of Lakefront Living

If you’re looking to live the good life on the lake, look no further than Tellico Village—it makes up 4,600 acres along 40 miles of shoreline. Known as the “Crown Jewel of East Tennessee,” Tellico Lake’s glassy waters are perfect for fishing, skiing and birdwatching. Three marinas are exclusive to community residents and offer perks such as electricity, gasoline and running water—that’s if your boat is docked long enough to use them. If you’re into spending tranquil days on the water alone, there’s a kayak launch and available storage facilities.

For those days not spent on the water, Tellico Village offers three championship golf courses, wellness and recreational facilities, miles of nature trails and even an equestrian center.


Maxing Your Money

Making the most of your hard-earned money may be the most important aspect of retirement, and homeowners here have plenty of perks. Tennessee is one of just seven states without a state income tax. The cost of living is, on average, 9.7% lower than the rest of the U.S. and only your dividends and interest are taxed for retirement income. A perfectly smart decision financially, indeed.


Right Away, You’re Right at Home

We’d be remiss not to mention how much you’ll like your neighbors. Maybe it’s the southern charm that makes people so friendly, or maybe it’s because the quality of life is so great. Whatever the reason, you’re sure to feel right at home in Tellico Village. From progressive dinners and sporting events to boating excursions and shared hobbies, residents here are known for their hospitality and a strong sense of community. There are literally hundreds of clubs and organizations to keep you active and engaged with your fellow retirees.

All of these, in our view, are pretty compelling reasons to consider Tellico Village for your next home. The location, sense of community, second-to-none amenities and financial perks make it a near-perfect place to retire. For over 25 years, Lakeside Real Estate Group has been servicing buyers and sellers in the Tellico area. We love this community because we’re residents, too. Contact us today and let us help you find your dream home.

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