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These Home Upgrades Are Worth It, and These Aren’t

Next month is the start of the peak home buying season – the four months that generally account for more than 40 percent of annual housing transactions. The reasons are: The weather is (cross your fingers) nicer, the holidays are a but a distant memory and families with kids prefer to relocate before the start Read More

Spring is Here! Lawn Care Tasks You Need to Do Now

The time is now to ready your yard and lawn for spring and summer enjoyment. These days of warming temps are a perfect time to tackle your spring lawn care tasks. Seed the Lawn Before soil temps reach 65 degrees, spread grass seed over any bare or thin spots. The sooner the grass roots, the Read More

Five Hot Trends in Hardwood Flooring

Five Hot Trends in Hardwood Flooring More than ever, homeowners are appreciating the added value – aesthetic and monetary – that hardwood floors bring to a home. “They also offer what can be an overwhelming variety of possibilities and choices,” says Linda Jovanovich of the American Hardwood Information Center, “Here’s a look at five top Read More